How are they made?

Each bobblehead is individually sculpted and then hand painted in beautiful detail according to your specifications.

What are bobbleheads made of?

All our bobbleheads are manufactured using polyresin, which is a natural product mixture of oxylite and polystone (alabastrite). The beauty of polyresin is that it can be easily molded, and yet it is stronger than ceramic once baked. This material can produce great detail, such as hair texture and very fine details. Stronger then ceramic, polyresin has become a material known to bobble head aficionado as collector quality material.

NOTE: Beware of imitators claiming to use polyresin but in-fact use inferior clays. They may claim to be using polyresin, but to save costs they will attach a clay head to a polyresin body and use the word polymer (which is in-fact clay) not polyresin. Clay bobbleheads lack detail and are prone to breakage and color fade.

What is the minimum order?

Minimum order quantity is one, but as you can appreciate the setting up cost for 1, 100 or 1,000 pieces is the same, which is why the larger the order quantity the cheaper the per unit cost.

What options do I have to create a single bobblehead?

For single bobblehead order we have two options available:
> "Full" custom bobblehead, where you design your bobblehead any way you want.
> "Head Only" custom bobblehead, where we customize the head only, then attach this to one of our pre-made stock bodies.

How long does it take to get a bobblehead made?

- For a custom head on a pre-made body, the average time from order date to delivery is between 4-5 weeks.
- For a full head-to-toe custom bobblehead, the average time from order date to delivery is 6 weeks.

What is the difference between a standard and full custom bobblehead?

Standard bobblehead is one that uses one of our pre-made stock bodies. These will the heads fully customized and are then attached to the stock body.

A fully custom bobblehead is one that will have not only your head customized, but also the complete body.

Can I have a custom pose?

Of course! All our bobblehead are custom made to your every specification, including the pose. We will however advise against poses that can dramatically increase the chance of breakage during production & shipment.

Where are they made?

All bobbleheads around the world are made in China. It isn’t possible to produce these highly detaled & beautifully hand-painted product at an affordable price here in Australia. These custom products require many, many hours of hand-sculpting, hand-casting and hand-painting, and Australian labour costs is just too great for it to be affordable for most consumers. A completely Australian made custom bobblehead would cost between $2,000 and $4,000 to produce and deliver, which just wouldn’t make any financial sense for most people.

But please understand that your order does support Australian jobs. We have a full customer service team here in Sydney to take your phone calls/emails, and assist in any way possible. We also have artists here in Australia who are in control of design and Quality Control of the bobbleheads.

Can't find exactly what you are looking for on our website?

If you can't find exactly what you are looking for on our webpage, we can make a full custom bobblehead/figurine based on your requirements. Just send us pictures of the subject, pose & clothes and Request A Quote. 

Can I make a bobble of a famous person or celebrity?

Not unless you have the licensing rights to use the image of the person you are wanting to create. Proof of license is required.

What are the photos requirements?

We require a minimum of 2 quality close-up photos of the subject - front & side. The smile/look in the front-on photo should be exactly how you want it to be replicated. These photos are all we got to work with, so the better the photos, the better the reproduction.
NOTE: We cannot piece together different facial features from multiple photos.

What is Proofing?

Proofing is the interaction between the customer and the artist in which the customer must give the okay on the custom made bobblehead prior to shipping. This communication is done via email soon after the purchase of most bobbleheads.

Proofing is available to you at no charge on all our bobbleheads. The approval process is simple. We will send you in-process preview photos of your bobblehead during the creation stages. You are able to suggest changes to our artists after you have viewed these proofs. Normally 90% of our customer will be satisfied with the first proof. Anyway, if you need any improvement, just inform us, we will revise it and send you improved proof until you are satisfied. This procedure ensures that you will be fully satisfied with the final outcome and there are no surprises when your bobblehead finally arrives home.

It usually takes between 2-3 weeks to make the unpainted sample and 1 week to paint it. Please keep in mind that the production time of your bobblehead is directly affected by the amount of changes required.

How long does it take to make a bobblehead?

For a one-off bobblehead it usually takes us between 4-6 weeks to create. But this can vary depending on how long it takes for the prototype to be approved by the customer.

What is a Decal?

If you have a Tattoo on your arm/leg, we can create the impression of that tattoo. Additionally, if you have a company logo that you would like resembled on the clothing or hat, we can customize this for you as well. All we need is a good quality jpeg image.

Can I get a sample?

No. We do not offer free samples.

How can I get the prototype started?

To help build a clear image of what the bobblehead will eventually look like, we’ll need as much information from you as possible. A minimum of 2 high resolution colour photos is required, and if ordering a full custom bobblehead we also need a picture or a good description of how you would like the bobblehead to pose.

NOTE: For a bobblehead based on an idea you will need to send us with concept drawings.

How are they packaged?

Our standard packaging is a plain white box with a styrofoam insert. Other options are available include full color packaging but subject to a quote and a MOQ of 250 pieces.

I see a bobble on your website that I like ... can I buy it?

No. We are a wholesale supplier of custom bobbleheads and manufacture only to our customer's specifications. Hence neither keep inventory or sell retail.

Can I combine orders to meet minimum quantities?

Sorry no! Each design is treated as an individual order. In other words, two 500 piece orders does not qualify for a 1000 piece pricing.

What is our return policy?

1. When placing an order with Bobbleheads Australia, you agree that your order cannot be cancelled, returned or disputed in the event you are not happy with your product. Our artists are excellent at what they do, but creating the human face is a very subjective process. We promise a 70-80% resemblance to the photos you supply us, but always keep in mind the figurines are an artistic rendition of you, not portraits or exact replicas. They are meant to be caricatures of the subject and with their oversized heads and small cartoonish bodies they cannot be another but that.

2. If you feel unsure about our work and quality, please email us and we’ll attempt to provide photographic samples showing the work and quality of our products.

3. Our products are made-to-order. Therefore, there are no refunds, no cancellations or exchanges and all sales are final. If you do not feel comfortable or agree to these terms, please do not proceed with an order.

NOTE: Because our bobbleheads are individually crafted and hand painted by different artisans, there may be minor imperfections as a result of the process.

What happens if they all show up at my door all broken?

We have an extremely low incident rate of breakage, as each bobblehead is carefully packed in molded styrofoam packaging and placed in individual cardboard boxes. But no matter what happens, you only pay for the product you receive in good condition. We will replace it as soon as possible at no charge to you, provided that you take a picture of the item as soon as you receive it.

If there are no refunds, how do you ensure that I will love my bobblehead?

Our proofing process allows you to have full control over the sculpting and painting of your custom bobblehead.  After each stage of the production process, you will be able to approve or deny the results.  If you approve a stage, we will move forward with the production process.  If you deny it, just tell us what to change and we will redo it until you are happy. This helps to guarantee your satisfaction since you'd be directly involved in every step of the production process and there are no surprises when your bobblehead finally arrives home.

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